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PANGYA: Fantasy Golf - PSP - Preview

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For PSP owners, fun golf games are few and far between. Of course, there’s the Hot Shots Golf series offering fun and easy to grasp gameplay with a lighthearted aesthetic, but with no Hot Shots title scheduled for the PSP this year, TOMY is looking to fill the void with Pangya Fantasy Golf.

Pangya Fantasy Golf takes the lighthearted gameplay and aesthetic of games like Hot Shots Golf and combines them with fun character customization features, allowing you to take your golfer and add new costumes and items to improve their look and performance on the golf course.

Pangya will not only offer up a solid golf game, but will give you a Story Mode that allows you to follow the course of a certain golfer and even unlock new ones as you go. The game will feature 18 different characters total, including a varied mix of protagonists and villains.

PANGYA: Fantasy Golf PSP screenshots

Aside from the Story mode, there is a Tour mode that allows players to compete for new items, like clothing and special items. As you collect new items for your character, you’ll get special stat increases that will allow you to play on advanced courses without much trouble. You’ll also be able to earn new bags with more slots that will allow you to add more special items to your character.

The game’s actual golf gameplay is done quite well. You’ll simply have to use the meter on the bottom of the screen to control your ball’s accuracy and distance. Additionally, you’ll be able to select where on the ball you want to hit it, adding a spin to its in-air course. If you hit the ball well enough times, you’ll gain a powershot that will let you hit the ball quite far and accurately. The game also employs the use of terrain effects that will determine how well you can hit your ball, with a variety of different terrain types (like volcanic terrain, snow, and sand) having distinct effects on your hitting.

Pangya Fantasy Golf is turning out to be a solid and engaging golf title, offering great customization features as well as a good game of golf.


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