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Our House Party! - WII - Preview

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Take an unlikely game concept – like home improvement – and add a series of mini-games and you end up with Our House Party! a Majesco Wii release slated to hit store shelves in October.

The title was on display at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Our House Party! is a game for four players that boasts 24 different projects that has prominent Home Depot licensing (one of the mini-games involves a shopping-style race through the store, and Home Depot even has home improvement tips placed in the game).

The idea is simple – you pick an area where you want to upgrade your house (you can pick a custom character and select from a series of different house styles), and if everyone agrees on the project, then that is the one selected, but should players not come to a consensus on the project, then a random project is selected. The game then breaks the project down into competitive mini-games that might involve something such as a race to put up the most wallpaper (which can lose its stickiness and start to come down while you are racing to put more up). Placement at the end of the mini-game results in rewards that can be used to purchase powerups. With all the projects, mini-games and variants, the Majesco PR team conducting the game tour estimated there were more than 170 possible games to play within the context of the game.

Our House Party! Wii screenshots

While the game is intended for up to four players, if you can’t find anyone to play with, a single player can enter the game and the computer will supply AI opponents to compete against. When players play as a single player, the game screen centers on the player’s character. If four are playing, the action evolves in split-screen style.

As houses are improved, players will have the opportunity to share the new look on Wii 24 with their friends.


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