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ORDER OF WAR - PC - Preview

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Looking to expand their efforts towards western audiences, Order of War represents one of Square-Enix’s upcoming attempts at delivering a PC RTS experience. Developed by, Order of War is a WWII shooter that offers a streamlined campaign set between eastern and western forces. The game does away with micromanagement elements done in other RTS games, instead relying on the player’s sense of strategy and not their ability to bulk up tons of units. Order of War also offers some interesting features, like a cinematic mode setting it apart from competing titles in the genre.

Order of War gives players a set amount of units at one time, instead of relying on the building of units and structures. This increases the action and pace of the action, while giving the player more incentive to be careful with their soldiers. You’ll be able to command tanks, troopers and other such units as you play through either side’s campaign.

ORDER OF WAR PC screenshots

The biggest addition that Order of War brings to the RTS genre is the cinematic mode. When you trigger the cinematic mode, you’ll be able to watch the action unfold from more angles than your standard top-down view. This enables you to get right into the action, and watch the skirmish as though you’re looking at a trailer done in real time.

Order of War looks like it will be a solid entry to the RTS genre, but time will tell how the game fares in a pretty crowded genre.

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