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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - PS3 - Preview

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The notoriously difficult Operation Flashpoint franchise has long been at the forefront of pushing realism and realistic gameplay in the shooter universe. Each game takes realistic situations and gives players access to all of the tools of a solider behind enemy lines. Now, Codemasters is getting ready for their latest entry in the Operation Flashpoint series, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Dragon Rising’s main goal is to present gamers with the most realistic game shooter game available, with authentic gameplay features and a robust world powered by their proprietary EGO Engine. The game is equal parts deep and meticulous and incredibly challenging.

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Screenshot

The game’s level of realism is unsurpassed by any other shooter title out there, as the game comes as close as possible to the real world of a soldier. You’ll experience such things as realistic bullet physics, resulting in wind resistance and ricochets and other such effects. Additionally, you’ll be able to completely destroy buildings.

Just like the other Operation Flashpoint games, Dragon Rising won’t be for the weak. The game is still very tough, as it barely takes a few on-mark shots to penetrate a weakness that will cause your character to slowly bleed out and die. The game’s world is absolutely huge as well, with navigable terrain that spans roughly 220 square miles, all of which is explorable by your character.

Dragon Rising is shaping up to be a fine console iteration of the popular franchise and one that fans of the uber-hardcore realism should want to check out. Look for it to release this fall.


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