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Open Season - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Based on the upcoming animated feature film, Open Season follows the exploits of a bear who has lived in captivity all of his life only to find himself lost in the wilderness during, you guessed it, hunting season. As the bear, you must try to keep from getting tagged n’ bagged by a hunter and get home in one piece. Open Season is shaping up to be a fun game that will appeal to animated film fans as well as those looking for an exciting game with little violence.

Instead of causing any kind of permanent damage to your enemies, your goal in disposing of them is to scare them enough to run away. You can do this through several different ways. One of the sections that they showed us at the Pre-E3 event was the ability to throw skunks at enemy hunters. This is kind of like playing pool, as they will disperse and hit other hunters with their skunk causing a chain reaction and sending the other hunters running for the hills.

You can also launch a squirrel at your enemies and enter a kind of “first person squirrel” mode, throwing nuts at other hunters from the top of the hunters head.

Another section in the game is the collectibles. You can collect 100 different objects in the game, and each of them will unlock a different real-life nature fact.

Open Season is gearing up to be a fun kid’s game with some great elements based on the upcoming film.

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