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nVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


“Turn it all on” is Nvidia’s new philosophy behind the GeForce FX 5900, its next card following the million-selling yet much delayed GeForce FX 5800.  Nvidia wants gamers to turn on all the features in their demanding games with this new card, which features a 256-bit memory interface, 27.2 Gigs/sec memory bandwidth and some key new techniques.  In fact, the card ran Doom III with all features turned on at a resolution of 1600x1200 at a solid 30 frames per second.


Nvidia realized that new games are pushing for advance uses of lighting and shadow, and these processes can be extremely taxing on a graphics card.  Therefore, they utilized a new process called UltraShadow, which limits the amounts of shadows rendered in an area to the ones that are only currently on screen.  The end result is smoother framerates while still experiencing beautifully complex shadows.  The card also uses Intellisample HCT, a more efficient way of texture, color and z-data compression (which makes for smoother frames at higher resolutions).  Finally, the card uses Nvidia’s new CineFX 2.0, providing twice the floating-point pixels as the previous version and basically boosting performance by a large margin.


Nvidia has also reworked the cooling system to running much quieter, as one of the big complaints with the 5800 was the noisy fan.  The efficient cooling system will also allow the card to run at higher clock speeds and will be much easier to overclock than previous cards.


With incredible processing power, innovative new features, and better support for overclocking, Nvidia’s behemoth should give Nvidia a huge leap beyond the competition.  They ship the card with either 256 MB of VRAM or 128 of VRAM this June.


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