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Nintendo DS Lite - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Nintendo has just revealed the new version of the Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, will be available stateside on June 11th for an MSRP of $129.99. With the system selling like hotcakes overseas in Japan, it’s pretty safe to assume that the US iteration of the handheld will be a runaway success as well. We recently got our hands on one at a Nintendo press event in San Francisco and our impressions were quite good. Whether or not you’ll be scrapping your current DS in favor of the new model, depends on you, but if you’re new to Nintendo’s dual screen handheld, there’s no better time to pick one up.

In terms of size, the DS Lite leaves a tiny footprint compared to its big brother. The system is slimmer and trimmer than the original, and the corners are nice and rounded. Currently the only color announced for the US is the white model, which when coupled with the nice glossy finish on the unit, makes it look like a slightly larger iPod.

Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS screenshots


The buttons feel a little more cushy than rigid like the original DS. The shoulder buttons give a subtle click when pressed, and the overall feel is very comfortable.

The screens have been improved as well in the new model. Even though the whole unit is much smaller, the screens appear to be slightly larger than the current DS’s screens. Also, they are much brighter and easier to read.

Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS screenshots

At $130, the DS Lite is competitively priced, and this is certainly a pretty little system, even giving the super-sleek PSP a run for its money in the looks department. Accessory hogs are definitely going to want to check out the DS Lite next month.


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