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NINETY-NINE NIGHTS - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

First announced when the initial gamut of Xbox 360 games were being announced, Ninety Nine Nights was one of the initial games that piqued some interest amongst gamers. Created by the mind behind Rez and Lumines (two musically driven games), Ninety Nine Nights represented somewhat of a departure for its creator. Initial teasers of the game showcased beautiful graphics and lavish battlefields with literally hundreds of enemies on the screen at one time. However, little was said about the game in terms of what it would be capable of in terms of the overall gameplay. Well, Microsoft has brought out Ninety Nine Nights in full force, complete with new story details and a playable build on the E3 show floor. The result is what we could expect, with loads of enemies on screen at once, and gorgeous graphics.

NINETY-NINE NIGHTS Xbox 360 screenshots

The story in Ninety Nine Nights follows a young knight and her brother as they try to piece together an orb that will change the fate of the world. Once the orb is joined, legend has it that the world will be launched into ninety-nine days of conflict. On the hundredth day, the chaos will stop and the person who joined the orb will emerge as the ultimate ruler of the world.

Anyone who has played Dynasty Warriors will immediately feel comfortable with Ninety Nine Nights. You begin the battle by selecting from a series of different military units to cover both your left and your right flank. The units that you can choose comprise of pikeman, archers, heavy hitters and so on. Once you’ve done this, then you and your units are good to go into the fight.

NINETY-NINE NIGHTS Xbox 360 screenshots

In the battle you run around the field taking out as many enemies as possible with the aid of your troops. Occasionally, you must take on enemy generals or other high ranking soldiers, again like Dynasty Warriors. You can perform a variety of different combos, which you can level up and gain more abilities as time progresses.

One thing that is very impressive about Ninety Nine Nights is the sheer amount of enemies on the screen. The first stage of the demo didn’t really showcase this very well, and was pretty disappointing in that regard. However, the next level blew me away with literally hundreds of baddies swarming on my character at once. Plus, the game looks exceptional, with a great graphical look and art direction.

Ninety Nine Nights is a great looking game that will tap the Xbox 360’s technological potential with great graphics and a high body count.


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