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NHL 2K7 - 360 - Preview

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Last year’s NHL 2K6 was somewhat of a disappointment when it came out on the Xbox 360 last year as a launch title, offering little in the way of new features for the new system. However, giving 2K Sports the benefit of the doubt, the game was meant to be a launch title and therefore the developers probably didn’t have the time to put all that they really wanted to in the game. Luckily, they’ve had a lot more time to prep NHL 2K7, and already the results are much of an improvement over the previous version.

With the added time to really tweak the game graphically, 2K Sports has been able to pull off some great things with NHL 2K7 in terms of the animation and the fluidity of the skating. The skating looks incredibly realistic and the characters all seem to have a real sense of inertia and momentum behind their movements.

NHL 2K7 Xbox 360 screenshots

The graphical additions do actually add something to the gameplay on the ice and the overall feel of the gameplay. With your character’s added sense of speed, you’ll be able to gauge how hard you’ll hit an opponent and bring him down, much like how you gauge the boxer’s movements in Fight Night Round 3 to see what kind of shape he’s in during the match.

Aside from the graphical improvements, NHL 2K7 will have some added features, like the pressure control system, where you’ll have your team keep an eye on some of the heavier hitters from the other team to essentially keep them in tow, as well as a new rivalry system in the franchise mode.

NHL 2K7 is shaping up to be a very deep and very gorgeous game, and will undoubtedly deliver the ultra-realistic hockey game that fans with a 360 have been clamoring over since day one.

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