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NFL Tour - PS3 - Preview

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Following in the same vein as arcade-style football games like NFL Blitz and NFL Street, NFL Tour will strip away all of the complex elements that are present in NFL titles like Madden, returning to the old-school feel of classic football titles. The game will be simply a fun football game, using as few buttons as possible, yet still giving players a larger-than life and rewarding experience. For those turned off by the deep technical elements that are prevalent in football games today, this is your chance to get back in the game.

NFL Tour Xbox 360 screenshots

The basic concept behind NFL Tour follows NFL players as they embark on a festival-style tour across the US playing exhibition games. You’ll create your own player and take them on the road, gaining the chance to have them installed on your team of choice. You’ll play in 15 different areas, each with well-known landmarks, like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and the Space Needle in at the Seattle venue. The venues are not actual football stadiums and feature walls along the sidelines a la Arena Football (albeit with 100-yard fields), but do manage to capture the sights of the actual representations.

The gameplay in NFL Tour is pretty fast and furious, with quick passes and hard hits abound. You can perform context sensitive jukes and break holds by pressing a button that pops ups on the screen at the right time to perform a move that gets the defender off of your back.

NFL Tour Xbox 360 screenshots

Graphically, the game moves pretty smoothly on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, with nicely rendered character models and great animations. The fields are also pretty well done, and there are a lot of great effects like fireworks to keep with the festival atmosphere.

NFL Tour is turning out to be a fun and simple take on football, with intense gameplay and easy controls. If you’re at all turned away by the complexity of Madden, then keep an eye out for NFL Tour.

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