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DS Video Game Previews


Pac 'n Roll - NDS - Preview

Pac-Man sure gets around these days. Hes an adventurer. A puzzler. A pseudo-3D-whatever-you-call-it. Later this year hell spin like a rolling hedgeho


Nintendogs - NDS - Preview

Virtual pets are a fad that seemed to last just as long as the virtual pet itself. Instead of having to take care of a living, breathing animal the v


Mario Kart

Nintendos press conference revealed their plans to bring Mario Kart DS online. Exciting news, but the verdict was still out. Will this game be as goo


Shrek SuperSlam - NDS - Preview

E3 Preview 2005 It pure mayhem!! Oh, and the venues for the brawls Its all in good fun, and that underscores Shrek SuperSlam, a 3D brawling game from


Madagascar - NDS - Preview

A time of personal crisis leads to a daring escape and wild adventure for four friends in the pending Activision game Madagascar. The game, which wil