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NBA Ballers - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Midway is no stranger to putting some unique spins onto sports games. Titles like NFL Blitz and NHL Hits of course put a little more action into an already popular and fun sports title. They are looking to make yet another unique game for the NBA set for release in the fall of 2003 called NBA Ballers, which was one of the neater basketball concepts I saw at the show this year.


NBA Ballers focuses on one on one competition with major, real life NBA stars. The main thing about Ballers that was really cool though is the fact that you don’t play on licensed courts or whatnot … but at the star’s houses. Think of it as kind of NBA meets MTV cribs to an extent, since you will be greeted at the door and then will play in the house, in the backyard, or other unique locations like yachts. Winning brings in money, jewels, cars … and when you begin getting popular you can even get a posse to follow you around and hang out courtside to sheer you on while you play.


The graphics and physics for Ballers are looking really sweet right now, and this game will definitely be one that you sports and basketball folks will want to watch out for.

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