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NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 - WII - Preview

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The first Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution gave players a way to express their love...of bashing heads. Express a little more in the Clash of Ninja Revolution sequel, a Wii exclusive with an anime edge.

Since this game was developed (or at least started development) long before the Wii MotionPlus was unveiled, Clash of Ninja Revolution 2's motion controls don't go beyond the usual array of wrist flicks. That isn't a bad thing -- not all games should have one-to-one motion control. In this case, the minor flicks are essentially a replacement for button taps. This means that you can sit on your couch or stand up and shake like a madman -- or, from the same position, move your thumbs and nothing more. The choice is yours.

I'm not a diehard fan of the flicking style. Wii games that try something different (like Elebits and Metroid Prime) are better at getting my attention. As such, I'm surprised to say that these controls worked well. It's not that I thought the game would be bad -- if the Wii remote scheme stank, it could be replaced with a GameCube or Classic Controller. But flicking does have its limits. Luckily, it isn't being overused in Clash of Ninja Revolution 2.

NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Wii screenshots

The cel-shading graphics, of course, are one of the game's most standout features. The Wii handles the cartoon effect well, making the characters look rich and vibrant. Even someone who has never heard of this anime series before could instantly spot the world where Naruto came from. The highly fluid animations are some of the best the Wii has seen, another pro that will boost the game's attention. But the thing that impressed me most is that, while cel-shaded games typically have one or two bits of eye candy, Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 is a complete visual package. The backgrounds are not cel-shaded like the characters, but their cartoony colors blend in with the anime atmosphere.

Slated for release this fall, Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 will be a tough fighting game to compete with on Nintendo Wii.

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