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Nail'd Multiplayer Impressions


Nail'd is a fantastically inaccurate representation of off road racing, where racers soar up and down through misty forests, gigantic western carnivals, and Roman ruins at impossible speeds and incredulous heights.

Like a fusion between SSX and Nintendo's Excite Truck, Nail'd has a devil-may-care attitude toward reality, which is probably for the best. This is really what sets Nail'd apart from any other off-road racing title currently on the market. Each level feels more like a roller coaster, as players can earn a nitro boost that can be gained by zooming through gates and hoops, or by landing jumps well. Boosting is integral to the game, sending the world into a rushing shade of gray. Accidents happen, and with a crash comes a quick little vignette, and the player is quickly brought back into the race.

While the game is thrilling in single player, multiplayer is more exciting. In addition to the online races, there is also support for LAN gaming. While not too many will go LAN, it's a nice option to have available for those who like to game in a group. Online or in a LAN, multiplayer is a blast, especially as players figure out the courses. There are secrets all over the courses. Swinging off a ramp, soaring over a train and between a bridge, and landing thousands of feet from where you started, a whole three seconds ahead of your nearest rival is enthralling.

Unfortunately, the minimal customization for your character -- beside changing the gender and switching out a couple of costumes and color -- is somewhat disappointing. Thankfully, Techland has made the vehicles much more tunable in a simple to understand manner. Players can edit everything from the handle bars to the exhaust pipe, and while these make visual changes to the vehicles, they also change everything from ground acceleration to air turning. If all of these options are not enough, announced DLC will include new outfits, vehicle gear, paint jobs, and more. The most interesting is the new mode Detonator, which plays a little bit like hot potato.

Nail'd taps into a basic core of gaming: it's fast and, most importantly, it's fun. It aims to create a wildly enjoyable and mindless experience. It's easy to pick up, with a wide variety of race tracks, and a balls-out attitude toward reality, Nail'd is a solid surprise for the upcoming winter games release calendar, and anyone who wants pure escapism will be able to find it here.

Keep an eye out for Nail'd when it releases November 30.

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