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Nacho Libre - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Majesco gave us an early look at their title based on the upcoming movie from Paramount Pictures, Nacho Libre. Starring Jack Black, Nacho Libre is about a Mexican priest (name: Ignacio – nickname: Nacho) who stumbles on an easy way to make money for his orphanage: he moonlights as a lucha libre wrestler. 

The brief video presentation ran on DS hardware and was based on preliminary content that may or may not make it into the finished product. They showed two polygonal characters fighting in the ring, performing comedic actions, and trying their best to be the champ. 

Majesco stressed that the title will focus on the exciting, action-oriented combat between wrestlers. They want the game to include more than just the average wrestling content. This isn’t intended to be a serious title with a deep storyline and character-specific theme songs. Nacho Libre will be a much more humorous title, with hilarious moves and other elements inspired by the film. 

Due for release alongside the DVD in November, Nacho Libre should have what it takes to satisfy your DS wrestling / comedy / movie craving. Expect to see the first official screens from the game in the coming months.


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