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MySims Agents - WII - Preview

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EA’s MySims series has been a fairly prolific offshoot over the past few years, offering gamers the chance to create characters and play through a variety of different game genres. Now the series is looking to go in yet another direction with the upcoming release of MySims Agents. MySims Agents takes the franchise in a somewhat different direction from a storyline perspective, taking the adventure away from castles and kingdoms and moving it to a world of corrupt companies and crooked CEOs. The game is also a lot more of a straight forward adventure than previous MySims titles, but still manages to utilize the franchises’ character customization options.

MySims Agents is an adventure game that has players taking on an illicit CEO named Morcubus, who has the entire city in his pocket. It’s up to you to take on all elements of corruption in the city and bring the city back to law and order.

The game is an investigative style of adventure game. You and your crew of buddies will use a variety of gadgets and tools to search for evidence and interrogate persons of interest. Additionally, you can build an agency and select the agents that you hire to work for you. Each agent has their own specific strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to play the game as you see fit.

Additionally, MySims Agents will have plenty of mini-game style activities as you play, capitalizing on the Wii’s controls. The Wii motion controls work quite well, offering a variety of different gameplay situations, including a lock-pick game and other hacking mini-games.

Graphically, the game has the same blend of cartoony characters as other MySims titles, keeping with the light-hearted and casual aesthetic that the series has been known for. MySims Agents is set to launch exclusively on the Wii in Q3 2009.


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