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My Little Baby - NDS - Preview

My Little Baby is a new virtual life simulator from cdv Software and developer dtp Young Entertainment, which gives players the opportunity to raise a newborn baby through four different stages of development. The game offers a robust set of fun mini-games and lets you use your baby in a beauty pageant and take pictures of them. The game is geared towards young girl gamers, and they should have a lot of fun with what the game has on offer.

Starting out, you must first determine your baby’s parents, selecting their skin tone, hair type and color, eye color, and so on. This will determine what your baby looks like. Following this, you’ll be placed in your home in order to take care of the baby. The house has several rooms, including a playroom, bedroom, a kitchen, and so on. You’ll also be able to take your baby out to town, and buy new furniture and items for your house, as well as toys and clothing for the baby.

You aren’t alone in your childrearing tasks, as you’ll get helpful advice and support from a nanny character, which helps teach you to ropes and gives you tutorial info on the game’s various mini-games. The virtual nanny will also offer praise and support when you perform your tasks successfully.

The game makes use of the DS’s microphone capabilities. By speaking into the mic, you can communicate with your baby, talking to her and playing games like peek-a-boo. By talking to her, you can even teach her first words. Additionally, by using the stylus, you can play a variety of mini-games with her, including feeding and putting on diapers. Using a seven-indicator meter, you can gauge your baby’s happiness, similar to The Sims.

While the game isn’t geared for hardcore audiences, young girl gamers should definitely enjoy the variety of mini-games and ease of use on offer here. Look for My Little Baby to release this fall.

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