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MX vs. ATV Reflex - 360 - Preview

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Rebuilding and optimizing the franchise for the next-generation consoles, THQ is unleashing the next iteration of their MX vs. ATV series.

Titled MX vs. ATV Reflex, the development team has rebuilt the physics engine from the ground up with Rhythm Racing 2.0. Players will control their racer with the two sticks as they control the handlebar with the left stick and lean in on corners with the right stick. This new immersive control scheme is providing a much more in-depth rider reflexes for the gamer to take control of. You can lean in on turns to accomplish donuts, assist with wider turns and much more

On top of that, if you are about to crash your vehicle after a jump, you can flick the right stick in one of the corresponding directions to avoid a wreck. Ironically enough, this new system is called Wreck Avoidance, and it should help gamers who often crash and lose five spots in the race due to their clumsiness.

MX vs. ATV Reflex screenshots

New presentation values have been applied to the project and terrain deformation is one of the highlights the team is proud of. Digging deep into the snow or mud, players can kick up dirt into their opponent’s face as they race by them. Interestingly enough, your tracks will remain there the entire race – so you’ll want to beware of a rut that you may fall victim to. In addition, anywhere you see on the level, you can basically go. This will undoubtedly allow for gamers to look for new shortcuts and avenues to the finish line.

In terms of licensing, the team is working on bringing in a diverse set of players, vehicles and gear to use within MX vs. ATV Reflex. For the environments, they are inspired by real-life locations.

There’ll also be 12-player online support for every racing mode. If you don’t like to play online against strangers, then split-screen and system link are being incorporated for friendly competitions right from your home. To increase the entertainment value, the players are eligible to race around in an online lobby while the game loads up.

Personally, the best feature that I want to make note of is that there’ll be no rubberband AI. Instead, the team has implemented three difficulty settings that will affect on how much an opponent screws up in a race. The AI opponents will have to use Wreck Avoidance and the reflex system to be successful in the race.

Aiming for a holiday release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, MX vs. ATV Reflex kicked a lot of dirt and did so in high fashion. The handheld versions weren’t being shown at this current time, but the representative assures that they are far in the development cycle too.


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