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MX SuperFly - PS2 - Preview

With the announcement of MX Superfly, THQ’s Motocross franchise has just got even more extreme.  While MX2002 was definitely a fun game, its replacement promises to fix some of the major flaws in addition to adding a ton of new features.


As always, this game is all about big air, insane tricks and of course, speed. Gamers can use any of the 28 pro riders (or they can create their own rider) included in the updated roster to cruise through season mode plus there are many new mini-games as well as a unique roam mode and a more refined freestyle mode, which gives the game significantly more versatility.


There are tons of new tracks, including a very fun golf course, which is exclusively for roam mode.  Additionally, you can take part in some authentic races such as the Outdoor Nationals, the Free Ride Moto-X Championships and more.


If somehow none of these courses appeal to you, MX Superfly lets you become the course designer with the innovative stunt track editor.  With this creative control it’s now possible to truly test your freestyle abilities and the limits of your bike.  As if the air wasn’t already big enough, now we can go even bigger.


The trick library has also been expanded, but the easy to use control scheme remains intact.  Anyone can pickup a controller and tear it up within minutes, but mastering big combos still takes some practice, as it should.  I still love the clutch feature as it allows for some very powerful takeoffs.


One of the greatest things about this upcoming release is the ability to take the bikes anywhere in an environment.  No longer are riders plagued with the automatic bail after going outside the track boundaries, which was a major complaint I had about the last release.  There’s simply a lot more freedom to explore and to pull of some insane maneuvers while doing so.


Additionally, the visuals have been nicely tweaked and as a result the game both looks better and plays smoother.  The dust effects now look much more realistic and the riders can actually get dirty if they fall, depending on the track surface.


The reigning champion of the extreme dirt-biking genre is now bigger, badder, and even more beautiful.  It should be available in June 2002 for the PS2 and around Christmas for the Xbox. 

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