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Mortal Kombat: Unchained - PSP - Preview

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Finally, another PSP game that supports true online mode, not the restricted ad-hoc mode where you need to be within shouting distance of each other. Fighting games are best played against other human opponents, and with online support, fighting fans should find plenty of replay value for this upcoming portable Mortal Kombat.


It's getting harder to keep track of MK games since they've dropped the numbering. Adding up all the Playstation versions, and including the upcoming Armageddon, I think that would make this MK8. Numbers don't matter; controls, modes and graphics do. This title delivers on all three. Although many can argue about the MK controls, the bottom line is that this version feels just like previous titles. It also includes a revamped single player Konquest mode and mini-games to offer variety outside the normal Kombat mode. Surprisingly it also looks like the current batch of PS2 games, as the PSP continues to produce impressive graphics.


Mortal Kombat®: Unchained PSP screenshots


One big issue with PSP titles have been loading times, however the loading times didn't seem too long in the demo that I was playing. They were just over 5 seconds. Once the fighting arena has loaded you are treated with a multi-level stage, with opportunities to knock your opponent into pits and other areas that will finish off your enemy. It wouldn't be Mortal Kombat without fatalities, and this game has multiple fatalities for each character. I played through a few levels with Scorpion. My favorite character is Raiden, but I know Scorpion is more popular. The whip works just like it has in the previous 3D games, but I still don't think it has the same punch as the "get over here" from the original MK. Maybe that's because we've heard it plenty of times.


With the inclusion of Puzzle Kombat and Chess, you'll have plenty of reasons to go online and compete against other Mortal Kombat foes. 

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