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Mortal Kombat E3 preview

Back in the 90’s, the Mortal Kombat series was one of the premier fighting franchises around. The franchise offered buckets of blood and gore and some phenomenally nasty finishing moves, a staple of the franchise. However, somewhere among the Babalities and T-Rated DC Comics crossovers, the franchise lost its way and several hardcore fans. However, the series has seen a shift in publishers, with Warner Bros. Interactive taking over the reins, and now we are getting back to what made the original games so great with the latest title, simply named Mortal Kombat.

The theme of “return” is very prevalent in Mortal Kombat. This game returns the series to its glory (or gory) days with tons of violence and carnage, including creative and graphic fatalities, stage-specific kills, easy to pull off combos, and several other awesome elements that have been brought back. The combat is fast and intense, and very bloody. Fighters will show battle damage, including bloodied and bruised faces as fights go on.

While this entry to the franchise marks a return, it does manage to squeeze in a few brand new elements. These include super moves, which you perform when fill up a gauge at the bottom of the screen, granting you more powerful attacks. Additionally, there are X-Ray moves, which show your fighter (or your enemy) having their bones shattered by some gnarly attacks. Mortal Kombat also introduces a two vs. two fight mode, allowing you to do tag team battles Mortal Kombat is turning out to be a great return to form for the series, with plenty of carnage and action, bringing the series back to its roots in a big way.

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