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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Adding up all the fighters that span the Mortal Kombat history comes to more than 60. That’s how many fighters are available in MK Armageddon. Of course they are not all available when you first start the game. Similar to Deception and Deadly Alliance, the game is loaded with options and modes. You are encouraged to spend time in the game to unlock all the characters and other bonus items.


The play modes include your traditional Kombat, the improved Konquest mode, both the chess and puzzle modes from previous games, and the flexible character creation mode. Not all the modes were available on the demo, but the heart of the game has always been Kombat.


A number of things have been changed or improved in this version of MK. Unlike the previous 2 versions, you now only have 2 fighting styles. One is more hand-to-hand, and the other is weapons based. The environments are interactive and allow you to knock opponents into pits of lava, down or up levels, and into other areas of the stage.



Classic fighting games of the past have always included plenty of jumping and projectiles. The move to 3D and newer fighters have reduced these 2 elements, and focused mostly on hand-to-hand combat. This version of Mortal Kombat includes plenty of projectiles, and a very good reason to jump in the air. That is because they have added air combos to the game. You can knock your enemy into the air, and jump up after them to juggle them for a larger combo.


The series is known for it’s fatalities, and this version ups the ante by allowing you to create your own fatalities. Basically, at the end of the match, you are able to “finish him” by stringing together a handful of different beatings. For example, in one fatality you can knock your opponent silly with a couple nice uppercuts, rip their arm off, punch into their chest ripping their heart out, finishing with a simple deadly stare in their shocked face. The variations make fatalities important again, because you can mix it up.


I was told that they are focusing on making this game very balanced. The previous 2 games are good games. This game should offer more than enough variety to keep fighting fans busy in the MK universe.

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