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Monster Bomber - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Monster Bomber is not your everyday puzzle game. On the bottom screen you will notice four to five colored sections. These sections are used to spawn circular blasts of those colors – the only form of defense you have in this game. As weird, robotic enemies in through the top screen, you have to consider their color and strike as quickly as possible. Spawn a red circular blast to destroy the red robots; green for green, blue for blue, etc.

That’s not all there is to it. Majesco compares the game to Bust-A-Move because you can grab the blasts and launch them into the air at any angle (touch the desired color, drag out the blast, hold it to charge, and slide it upward to fire). However, if that’s the only thing you do, you will never be a successful Monster Bomber player. To win, you’ve got to perform combos. And to do that, you need to push enemies into each other, creating an explosive chain reaction that’ll rack up points and send you to the next level.

Monster Bomber Nintendo DS screenshots

Enemies are only sensitive to blasts of the same color. Therefore you can push a red blast into a blue robot without destroying it. The benefit: if launched forcefully enough (that is, if you dragged the stylus and launched the blast as fast as possible), the blast will push the enemy back a small amount.

Here’s the kicker: if I launch blue on red, and there’s a blue robot behind it, both will be destroyed the second they connect. The presence of the blue blast pushing the red robot into a blue robot links the two together for a quick combo effect. If there are other blue robots within the area when the elimination occurs, they too could become victims of your combo.

That’s all there is to it…for now. We’ll know more as the game gets closer to its Q4 2006 release.

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