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Mojo! - XB - Preview

E3 2003 – Hands On


Puzzle games are always a refreshing diversion from the ever-popular violent titles of today.  It’s hard to find a gamer today that didn’t spend half of his adolescence glued to Tetris.  Puzzle games appeal to hardcore and casual gamers alike, as well as five year-old girls and octogenarian slipper-wearing grannies.  Puzzle games in fact have no target audience, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to see Nana and her granddaughter battling in Crave’s Mojo! when it comes out this Fall.


Mojo! is best thought of as a cross between Pong rival Breakout and arcade trackball king Marble Madness.  The object of the game is to break a series of blocks with your ball over a series of 99 levels.  The trick is, your ball has to be the same color as the blocks in order to break them.  In order to change colors, simply roll your ball over one of the color changing ports on the levels. 


Each level is timed, so players need to move fast and plan their strategy early.  Some blocks and ports can’t even be reached until an outer layer of blocks is removed, and some areas can’t be reached without picking up a key first.  Each stage can be made of different platforms on different planes, forcing the player to use a system of teleporters and slides to navigate the level. 


Mojo! also features an entertaining multi-player mode allowing four players to bash each other’s balls (sounds painful) off levels for dominance or play the normal campaign cooperatively.  Bored with the 99 levels provided?  An easy-to-use level editor allows players to create their own levels and save them to memory cards. 


Mojo! is part of Crave’s lower priced titles and will retail for $19.99 when it hits shelves this Fall.

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