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MLB 12: The Show Vita developer walkthrough


This is the reason that I'm getting a Vita.  Well, not just this game, but this is a huge selling point.  MLB 12: The Show on the Vita is going to be the PS3 version in the palm of your hands.  In the video below, Ramone Russell, from the MLB 12: The Show development team, said that all of the features of this year's game on the PS3 are also in the Vita version.  The only thing that's different is the presentation of the games, which was a strategic decision to cut out all the bells in whistles to make games play faster.  He added that while it isn't as nice as the PS3 graphics, the Vita sports some pretty nice visuals.

I don't have a PlayStation 3, so cloud saves aren't a draw for me, but for anyone else buying both versions of the game, this is huge.

As a huge baseball fan, MLB 12: The Show in the palm of my hands is a dream come true.  Yea, the PSP had it too, but it was nowhere near what it's going to be on the Vita.  I love that you can throw it to whatever base you need to by tapping the touchscreen on the backside of the Vita.  Pitching looks excellent with the touchscreen, and the full features of the best dynasty mode in a baseball game ever on the Vita will have me sporting, from a baseball bat.  Yea...

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