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Metroid Prime - GC - Preview

It’s been termed “one of the titles everyone has been waiting for.” Well, fans of solid first-person shooter action won’t have to wait much longer.

Metroid Prime, a Nintendo release for the GameCube, was shown on the floor at the Nintendo portion of E3 2002 in Los Angeles, and eager fans lined up to get a look at this well-designed game.

For the uninitiated, Metroid Prime is the continuing story of Samus. She was first called upon to stop evil space pirates and Mother Brain from amassing an army of Metroids on the planet Zebes. Ultimately, through her adventures on SR388, she was able to rid the known universe of all but a single Metroid larva. In Super Metroid, on the Super Nintendo system, she foiled Mother Brain yet again, as the latter attempted to steal the captive larva from scientists on Ceres.

In Metroid Prime, Samus is called to duty to ‘investigate’ space pirate activities on unexplored Tallon IV. Investigate? Who is kidding whom here? Samus isn’t going to investigate; she is going to instigate serious action from a first-person perspective.

Other features of the game include a wonderfully rendered universe for this non-stop action/adventure; new gravity suits which enable Samus to gain new abilities and revisit earlier worlds to uncover hidden secrets; familiar weaponry (like the Wave Beam and Freeze Beam) as well as a few new ones; and an evolving storyline.

The world is viewed through Samus’ helmet, which also acts as a heads-up display (H.U.D.).

Metroid Prime features solid graphical elements, from its’ crisply rendered world with a three-dimensional feel, to the special effects as Samus breaks out the hardware and takes down the uglies. The animation is delivered well, and the game seems to be a roller-coaster ride where you are never certain what lurks around the next corner, but you had better be armed and ready for it.

This game is single player only and slated for release on November 18.  

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