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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - PS3 - Preview 2

E3 2007 Preview

The original Mercenaries was one of those great games that never really received its just due. The game offered fun and addictive gameplay, allowing you to cause copious amounts of damage to property, drive any vehicle you could see, and use tons of great weapons, but didn’t really garner the attention it deserved. However, the mercs are back and bigger than ever with Mercenaries 2, published by Electronic Arts. The game will be larger in just about every way, with tons of new vehicles, new weapons and items, and a huge seamless world that totally dwarfs the original game.

In the first Mercenaries, the game’s setting was North Korea and the conflict was mainly over weapons and dominance. However, this time around the setting will be Venezuela and the conflict will be over oil. Your merc of choice has been sent to Venezuela for by a shady employer. However, once there and you help this individual gain power of the country, he immediately double-crosses you, tries to kill you, and the worst part, doesn’t even pay you. Therefore, you embark on a revenge quest to take this guy out by throwing everything you’ve got at him.

The original Mercenaries featured tons of drivable vehicles, and the sequel is not prepared to disappoint in this regard. You’ll have access to 200 vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, hummvees, cars, trucks, semi trucks with hitches for cargo, and tons more at your disposal. You’ll also be able to call air-strikes and other battlefield variables to help you on your quest, as well as have your own pilots and drivers to set you up with sweet rides. This time around, not only does money effect what you can use, but fuel is also an issue, since everything that you have runs on it and is capable of running out unless you keep it stocked.

In the previous game, all you really had to do in order to hijack a vehicle was walk up to it and press a button. However, this is not the case in Mercenaries 2, since you now have to engage in a mini-game in order to get the vehicle. This makes it so that each vehicle has a certain difficulty rating, given its rarity and importance.

The game will have very impressive destructible environments, allowing you to completely decimate vehicles and even bring down whole buildings with a rocket launcher. The most impressive damage occurs in the forests and heavily forested areas. You’ll be able to fire into a forest and watch the trees scorch and even catch fire and burn, which looks fantastic in action.

The game’s seamless world will be massive and have uneven terrain given the hilly areas of Venezuela. The area that was shown during the E3 demo was roughly as large as all of the areas in the first game combined, meaning that this entry will be extremely massive.

Mercenaries 2 will also have multiplayer features that allow your friends to jump into your single-player experience seamlessly. The game is poised to do everything on a much grander scale that the original, and should be a great one to check out this fall.

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