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Mega Man ZX - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

A new Mega Man title is being created for the Nintendo DS by the name of Mega Man ZX. In this Mega Man you can morph into different Model types, helping you progress or aiding in finding previously inaccessible areas.

The game starts when two characters are attacked while making a delivery. Vent and Aile are ambushed by enemies that want their precious cargo, which happens to be Biometal. Biometal is a living metal that can transform into historical weapons and this metal is absorbed into the main character during the attack.

Mega Man ZX Nintendo DS screenshots

There are two main characters in ZX, Vent and Aile. Vent is a bigger male character built for power, while Aile is a smaller female character built for speed and agility. Each character also has their own cutscenes, so you aren’t playing the exact same game if you decide to play as both. Aile also happens to be the first ever female lead in the Mega Man series.

Players will be able to morph their Biometal to reach new areas. New Biometal data can be obtained from defeated bosses, and will give abilities such as fire-based attacks, the ability to break walls, or dashing through water. But be careful not to attack a boss where the Biometal data is stored or you may damage it.

Mega Man ZX Nintendo DS screenshots

Biometal Models also affect the type of data you see in the bottom screen. You can see things like enemy weaknesses, item locations, or tips on your current Model.

Since Mega Man ZX is played in on open map, there are towns you can visit in your human form. You can also obtain quests and missions to earn items.

Capcom plans on releasing Mega Man ZX third quarter of this year, so get your DS ready.

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