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Mega Man X7 - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Mega Man has been around for quite awhile, and to celebrate his 15 years of stardom he has a few new games coming out. One of these is Mega Man X7 – the first Playstation2 Mega Man.


Mega Man allows players to pick a team of two characters from the original Mega Man X characters and a new one, Axl. During the game you will be able to switch between the two characters on the fly, creating a strategic angle to the classic Mega Man gameplay.


Mega Man X7 looks great; using 3D cel-shaded graphics Capcom was able to create a sort of realistic cartoon look that fits Mega Man like a glove. Gameplay perspective switches throughout the game, using side-scrolling action in some levels, and a 3rd-person perspective in others. The all-new targeting system makes playing in 3D a snap.


Mega Man X7 looks like a great conversion from the classic 2D gameplay into 3D, while still keeping the same feel that Mega Man should have. It’s good to see that Mega Man games still please using the same classic gameplay it always has.


Look for the ultimate Mega Man, Mega Man X7, in October of this year.     

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