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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - WII - Preview 2

E for All 2007 Preview

At an event held at EA’s Redwood Shores over a month ago, the company had on display their latest entry to the Medal of Honor franchise, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii. The first MoH game to release on the Wii, it features innovative controls and some fun mini-games, bringing in the casual gamer as well as long-time fans of the franchise for a unique experience.

At this year’s E For All event, EA’s shooter was on hand again, showcasing a more polished build with improved graphics and a solid 60 FPS framerate. At the event, we took the chance to play the game’s Arcade mode, which as the name implies, functions as an on-rails shooter. EA also had the game working with the Wii Zapper accessory, and the results were a fairly spot-on arcade experience similar to what you’d find wrapped up in an old plywood cabinet in some pizza parlor.

The Arcade mode will feature the same areas as the normal campaign and will have to performing essentially the same activities, but will feature a lot more action and intensity. You’ll have to mow down tons of enemies as they fire at you from open areas and from behind cover. You’ll be able to use cover fairly accurately as well, using the thumbstick on the nunchuck to crouch behind objects and pop out to fire. You’ll also be able to pick up other weapons like sniper rifles and rocket launchers as predetermined areas for short segments.

You’ll still have to finish objectives in the arcade mode, as the segment that we previewed made clear. We had to plant a bomb on a U-boat by holding the Wii-Zapper accessory sideways and then quickly yanking it back to set the timer after getting it ready. With enemies shooting at you from all around, this can be pretty intense.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is turning out to be a solid and exciting game filled with intense moments, as well as an adaptable experience for newcomers and old-schoolers alike. Check it out next month.

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