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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - WII - Preview

Whereas last year’s Medal of Honor Heroes was a PSP exclusive, the sequel is readying up to hit the Nintendo Wii as well. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will be a wholly unique experience on the Wii, not just being the first in the franchise to utilize the Wii’s motion controls, but one that uses the Wii’s controls in a very intuitive and interesting way. The game is more of a casual shooter than other entries to the series, but that shouldn’t deter players, as it’s an extremely fun Wii FPS that actually controls pretty well.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 isn’t based on any particular WWII campaign. Instead, the storyline will focus on a fictional account of an OSS agent as he infiltrates and destroys secret Nazi weapons. The game will focus on weaving a compelling adventure instead of historically accurate situations, making it easier for a casual “pick-up-and-play” audience to grasp.

MoH Heroes 2 uses the Wii’s controls in more than just the standard “point at the screen and shoot” ways. The game utilizes some intriguing motions to immerse you into what you are doing. For example, moving the nunchuck dongle up-and-down in a pumping motion to pump a shotgun, or wave it around in a circle to crank the wheel of an artillery weapon, and pull the Wii-mote up to fire. It’s all fairly simple to grasp, but really helps build the immersion level and draw the player in.

One of the most interesting things about MoH Heroes 2 is that it will actually feature online play for up to 32 players. You read that right, online play on the Wii will be offered in MoH Heroes 2, making it the first FPS to do so on Nintendo’s console. The game will run through EA Nation servers, and will keep the game’s smooth and fast framerate constant in online play.

Graphically, MoH Heroes 2 looks great on the Wii. While it won’t dazzle you in the way that Medal of Honor Airborne will, of course, but the character models and environments look great on the hardware and the action moves at a solid 60 frames per second.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is shaping up to be an impressive shooter and one that could really set the standard for Wii-based FPS games. Look for it this holiday season.

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