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MechAssault - XB - Preview

E3 2002

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a pair of high-powered robots duke it out in an urban setting?

MechAssault, from Microsoft and Day 1 Studios for the Xbox, is an action-packed product that will have fans of robotic combat salivating. And not only will this game have strong single-player elements, but it will be one of the games that is incorporated into the Xbox Online scheme.

The game takes place in the 31st century. There are a dozen BattleMechs that players can choose from – and they run the gamut, from slow 100-ton monsters to quicker 30-ton beasts. There are 20 single-player missions and the environments are completely interactive. In fact, you can use your environment as a weapon.

This game was demonstrated at E3 2002 in Los Angeles.

During the demonstration, developers showed just what they meant by an interactive environment. Ground forces are attacking, and because you really don’t want to waste a lot of your ammunition on them, you simply wait until they are in position, then blow up an adjacent building, sending it toppling down to crush them.

Other game features include mid-mission Mech upgrades, excellent special effects; a great array of weapons (including lasers and particle-projection cannons); mission-based game play; and a terrific audio track.

MechAssault may not go where other, similar games have not, but it does provide a seemingly solid game experience and that which most players of this genre really enjoy – action and destruction.

This program is slated for release in December.

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