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Mass Effect 2 - 360 - Preview

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The first Mass Effect was a huge success for acclaimed developer BioWare, presenting a fantastic and deep story and compelling gameplay. Now, EA and BioWare are getting ready to launch the second title in the proposed Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect 2. At the game’s press demo at E3, BioWare revealed that gamers would in fact take control of Shepard, the hero from the first game (there have been rumors circulating after a recent trailer that the hero had perished), as well as showcased some of the great gameplay elements and story details that we can expect from the blockbuster sequel.

In Mass Effect 2, humanity is in dire straits as entire colonies of people are disappearing left and right. Shepard and crew then must take to the galaxy and discover what and who is behind the plot. The mission is in fact a dangerous one, a suicide mission in fact, and could result in the surprising deaths of key figures in the game’s storyline. In a cool new addition, your character development and story direction from the first game will transfer over to the sequel if you have a game saved on your hard drive.

Mass Effect 2 screenshots

The original Mass Effect did some excellent things with dialogue, and now it appears that the team will offer even more revolutionary features to the game’s conversation system. You’ll be able to carry on conversations in the middle of cinematic sequences (such as riding in a vehicle), adding a new level to the immersive story. The game also adds a new interrupt feature, that allows you to cut off people in your conversations and make a new changing element to your interaction with them.

The game has made some changes to the tried and true combat of the first game as well. This time around, combat feels more precision-based, with each weapon appropriately powered up from the beginning of the game. Additionally, the game will introduce 9 new weapon classes, including heavy weapons, letting players utilize weaponry like missile launchers.

There have also been some changes made to the game’s exploration system. While no real details could be divulged, BioWare stated that the game will let you explore the galaxy better than ever before and that the worlds you visit will be richer and more fun.

Mass Effect 2 is on pace to deliver a compelling blend of fantastic storytelling, deep RPG features, and intense action. Look for it to release early next year.



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