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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the latest action/RPG from Activision. Much in the vein of the great X-Men: Legends franchise, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance features intense multiplayer action and very meticulous attention to the comics on which it’s based. However, since it marks the first Marvel game on next-gen consoles, Activision is going all-out with Ultimate Alliance, featuring a whopping 140 characters (super-heroes and super-villains alike) from the Marvel Universe, the largest roster of superheroes ever in a video game. You’ll get to select a team from over 20 playable characters from all corners of the Marvel dynasty, from Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine to Blade, Ghost Rider and The Thing. The Marvel universe is gearing up to hit the next console generation in style with the most comprehensive superhero action game to date.

While the game does feature an obscene amount of characters from around the Marvel canon, the attention to detail is great, giving each character their just due. They will have their own unique special abilities and attitudes, from Spider-Man’s joking attitude to Captain America’s stoicism to Wolverine’s badass-ness.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance screenshots

The special abilities are also quite unique to the characters in the game. For example, Spider-Man was quite proficient with his webbing, being able to hang enemies from the ceiling and whip around the field with his web and so on. Ghost Rider could chuck enemies into the air and then use his chains to slam them down onto the ground, which was a great touch.

The game will take players through a variety of different areas from the Marvel universe, like Atlantis, and pits you against tons of super-villains from comicdom. The choices that you make while playing through the missions will have a bearing on the outcome of the game, kind of like a ripple effect. The story-arc will be different depending on how you play through a given situation, giving the game a very dynamic feel.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance screenshots

As I stated earlier, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an action/RPG game that plays out very similarly to the X-Men: Legends games. However, whereas the X-Men: Legends titles were pretty much all done as top down games, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance gives you a bit more control over the camera, even being able to rotate it to the side of your team.

One of the highlights in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the online play, which offers competitive co-op. Basically, the competitive co-op mode means that even though you and your online buddy are working together, you’re still fighting over things like experience points and kills and trying to get more than your teammate, playing basketball the Wilt Chamberlain way, so to speak.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is shaping up to be a very impressive game that not only does the superheroes on which it’s based justice, but should also put all other Marvel-based action/RPGs to shame with an unprecedented amount of depth. Look for it to hit this fall.


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