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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins preview

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There are times when Capcom can make some really smart moves as a company.  One of those moves came in the form of re-releasing fighting games with a high-definition makeover, online play, and several other options that weren’t possible in the original releases.  This process has worked rather well with a number of games, including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.  Now, joining the fray this September is Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, a collection that brings not one but two additional games to your fighting library.

Marvel vs. Capcom is the first entry, the original game that inspired the much-improved sequel.  Featuring a number of combatants from both sides of the fence, the game refined the cross-over fighting action that Capcom began in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and continued through a number of sequels.  In addition, you can call upon a special third character to unleash a special attack, such as the Forgotten Soldier from Forgotten Worlds and Arthur from Ghouls n’ Ghosts.  It really does make for an interesting battle, even if the roster is just a portion of what Marvel vs. Capcom 2 offers.

mvc origins

The other game included in the package is Marvel Superheroes, a game that followed in the footsteps of X-Men vs. Street Fighter.  The game expands the Marvel roster with such favorites as Spider-Man, Venom and others, and also throws Infinity Gems into each fight, giving players temporary power-ups during their battles, providing them with a much-needed advantage.  This is one of the most respected games in the cross-over community, so you can bet fans will be thrilled by its inclusion.

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins retains every bit of its stunning gameplay in both games, so you’ll be able to call upon partners, unleash special attacks and pull off super combos that can leave an enemy in your multi-hit wake.  A regular controller works all right, but for something like this, it never hurts to have a Fightpad or fighting stick in play. Just ask any given expert.

mvc origins

Along with the gameplay, though, Capcom will also be including a number of options.  A speed tuner is being included with each game, letting you either slow the fight to normal speed or go into hyper turbo mode, jumping around like a beast as you pummel opponents.  In addition, you can play online through Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network using GGPO-supported set-ups, so you don’t have to worry about lag or connection speed getting in the way of a good brawl.

To expand further on online options, Capcom has also returned Spectator Mode, where fellow fighters can watch others as they wait for their turn, as well as the ability to save Replays, should you feel like showing off to your peers.  There’s also eight player tournament set-up available, so you can easily see who’s the king of the universe, no matter which game you’re playing.

mvc origins

On top of that, Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel Superheroes will be getting HD makeovers, so that they’ll retain the same faithful art style as the original games, while getting a polish that will work well on today’s TV screens.  Expect every character and backdrop to remain intact, and really light up your screen.  The music and sound should be just as you remember it as well.

Coming this September, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is looking like a must-buy, for around $15 (1200 Microsoft points).  We’ll be back with a review around that time to let you know if this ride is worth taking.  From what we’ve seen, though…come on, who can resist a good Capcom fighting game?!

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