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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - NDS - Preview

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Next to the bright and colorful, big-screen demos of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics for Wii, Sega had a couple DS kiosks dedicated to the handheld version of the game. Like the Wii version, you'll get to play as Sonic, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Also like the Wii version, there will be more characters added to the final version, though Sega wouldn't reveal who just yet.

Unlike the game you'll play on Wii, the DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics will include a set of events dedicated to the dual and touch screen elements. The extent of how those elements are used is not yet clear, but the E3 demo did give us a taste.

Snowboard Cross

You've heard of the Flying Tomato (Shaun White). Well, how about a flying plumber or a soaring hedgehog? During the Snowboard Cross event, players use the D-pad to steer and press the A button to jump. It all seems pretty straightforward until you come to a hill and miss your jump timing (eck!) or crash into a wall (ooh!). Once you learn how to jump, manage turns (start by slowing down), etc., the demo course wasn't too difficult. But it was fun, and the graphics stood out with impressive 3D characters and backdrops. They're not as good as the Wii version but are well done for a handheld release.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Nintendo DS screenshots


This event is sort of a one-man bobsled only much more dangers. Laying flat on his stomach, Sonic (or any character in the game) soars down the icy course. Steer with the touch screen; do your best to ensure the sides of the ice wall are not hit. You'll occasionally get the chance to earn a speed boost by striking upward on the touch screen (basically drawing your finger from the bottom to the top). As with the Snowboard Cross event, the visuals should be very appealing to DS owners.

That, unfortunately, is the end of Sega's E3 teaser. We'll know more about this promising mini-game collection in the coming months, so stay with GameZone for all the latest news on Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics.

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