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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds - XB - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


The Magic: The Gathering card game has picked up a huge fan base over the years, and whenever that happens, it’s a pretty safe bet that a game will be in the works for it. Well, we’ve seen the direct port of the card game online recently for PC, and a while back they released a PSX version that was more of a full movement casting and action game. There is now an Xbox version in the works to be released in November that moves towards that full action style again, but stays true to the card game a little better this time around.


You start off by selecting a hero, then enter into an arena to duel it out with monsters and magic from the card game. The character you select is fully controllable, and can even attack creatures coming in to try and kill you. Mana usage is necessary here as well, but actually works based on a meter that will fill up by collecting gems that appear or get dropped by dying creatures, or ones that generate mana like the Llanowar Elves card. Mana is then spent to summon the monsters, magic, and enchantments that are found in the popular card game, and and each creature will move independently and do what they see fit at the time like attacking your opponent or defending you unless you play a specific card like a Giant Growth which will force them into action. When you begin, you get sort of a “starter deck” to play with, then will begin unlocking more and new cards as you progress through the game.


The graphics of the new MTG title are looking really good, with some great looking and menacing familiar creatures and spell effects. MTG : Battlegrounds will also be online ready, and new cards will be downloadable for updating and building your deck the way you see fit.

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