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Lost Planet 2 - 360 - Preview

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As a third-person shooter that had nothing to do with survival/horror, Lost Planet was an unusual game for Capcom. But given the publisher’s track record with action games, that didn’t stop anyone from taking it home. Once the multiplayer, big levels and larger-than-life monsters were discovered, players were hooked. Consequently, it wasn’t long before people started asking: is there going to be a sequel?

By now you should be well aware that Lost Planet 2 is in development. Having the benefit of blogs and gamers who never stop saying what they want, the developers listened to any complaints and worked hard to address those issues. You probably won’t notice any of that up front, but you will no doubt be able to see that the monsters – the best part of the first game – are bigger, meaner, and harder to defeat. The controls are sharper, smoother and more reliable. Graphically, Lost Planet 2 is approaching the quality of Gears of War. And mechanically, the game is going to offer four-player co-op.

Lost Planet 2 Screenshot

At E3 ’09, boss battle mania is all the rage. Or rather, there’s a huge monster raging over the demo and you must do whatever it takes to kill it. That kill is possible with conventional methods (attack its weak points until it dies). But there are better ways of dealing with this threat. For starters, you should look for what appears to be a hunk of useless metal. Walk up to it and, if a button icon appears, that means that hunk of trash is actually something very important: an all-purpose attacking suit (AKA a Vital Suit).

While using a Vital Suit, it is now possible for another player to hitch a ride by grabbing onto the side of it. Whether you have a stowaway or not, take this suit to the nearest boss and start firing. Just note that if the enemy gets too close, it will attack and all but guarantee that the suit will be destroyed. If that happens, you must exit quickly to prevent yourself from being blown up.

The boss, it just so happens, is a giant six-legged creature with enormous feet. And guess what? His favorite thing to stomp on is Vital Suits. Thus, you might just have to settle for finding a safe (or at least safer) location to use a standard weapon and open fire on his knees. After a few knees have been taken out, the monster will finally be taken down…but he will not be dead. You’ll still have to attack his insides. That means you must literally go inside of the monster and pump it full of led.

Lost Planet 2 Screenshot

Thermal energy is going to be an integral part of Lost Planet 2. With it, you’ll be able to turn yourself into somewhat of a healing mage. Not exactly, but it is now possible to convert the thermal energy into yellow glows that can be shot at your teammates.

The E3 demo was primed for co-op and had four players going at all times. Though we didn’t do anything special together as a team (that could be our own fault since we were running and shooting everywhere without trying to communicate with each other), it has to be said that the game ran very smoothly. Now that Capcom has that taken care of, they can focus on delivering a compelling co-op experience.

Poised to deliver another dose of grand-scale, highly explosive thrills, Lost Planet 2 is well on its way to becoming a successful shooter.


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