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Lost in Shadow E3 preview


A title that truly came out of left field, Lost in Shadow surprised people with its intuitive puzzle gameplay elements, soft atmosphere, and intriguing concept a few months ago when it was revealed. However, now the game was available again and in playable form at this year’s E3, allowing us to finally get our hands on it. Overall, we were pretty impressed by what we saw. Lost in Shadows seems to be an innovative take on the puzzle-platformer genre, and one that boasts a great deal of charm and personality in its art direction.

In Lost in Shadow, you play as the shadow of a young man as he performs a variety of trials and fights shadow-based enemies. The game requires you to manipulate the light source at various times, changing the shadows and allowing you to traverse on them to get to where you need to go. The direction that you need to move the light varies from case to case, but you get the opportunity to move it horizontally or vertically. Additionally, there are some moments where you have to find specific places in the actual environment that you can manipulate, creating different shadows and opening up a new path.

Aesthetically, Lost in Shadow looks like it could almost be a long-lost relative of ICO. The graphics are very understated but boast some subtly impressive lighting effects to make the shadows really pop.

Lost in Shadow looks like an interesting and engaging Wii title, and one that fans looking for a refreshing change of pace will want to keep an eye on.

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