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Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! - WII - Preview

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It's rough being a kid in Lost in Blue. No matter what happens, a kid always manages to get stranded on an island. Contrary to Tom Hanks in Cast Away, who pondered, "Who knows what the tide could bring?" we already know what the tide brought: shipwreck. As the newest Lost in Blue title, Shipwrecked brings its niche gameplay to Wii players. Three-dimensional graphics, motion control support and the decision to stay or leave the island are just some of the changes.

There will be a greater degree of exploration this time around, and from the sound of things, a lot more customization. If a player chooses to stay on the island, it might disappear. No wait -- that's the TV series Lost. In this game, staying on the island means building a home and coping with the everyday challenges of island life -- in the form of mini-games, no doubt. Those who want to survive must hunt and catch fish.

Shipwrecked also features a pet system where four-legged friends help find items that may be vital to your journey. You can play mini-games with these pets, but Konami only revealed one of them: jump rope.

Unfortunately that's all we could divulge before Konami turned out the lights and LA Convention Center security announced, "Hey, you're not supposed to be in here!" But with its fall release date not too far away, we'll bring you more info on Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked as soon as we have it.


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