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Lords of Everquest - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


When I first looked at Lords of Everquest, I was pretty impressed with the fact that they had taken a great MMORPG game and made it into a good looking and colorful RTS title. Lords takes place about 10,000 years prior to the original Everquest, and players will have the opportunity to somewhat write their own history and fill in some gaps to the story and lore of the original. 


Lords of Everquest will have you selecting one of three factions, one of which (and the only one available at E3 time) was the Shadow Realm, consisting of Orcs, Trolls, and Necromancer style evil characters. The armies that you have will line up on their own to help with gameplay, so your heavy melee tanks will hop to the front while spellcasters will stay in the back in a support role. You select a Lord to control specifically, and each of the 15 different Lords will be able to cast their own unique powers and do things like boost troop morale or lower the morale of those who are not in their good graces. Each of your units will also gain experience, and you can create knights once they obtain level 6 which allows them to become stronger and use spells as well. You can only have two on the field at a time, so this will play into the strategy of being careful who and what you decide to choose.


Lords of Everquest will run on it’s own unique engine, and is shaping up to be great. The graphics were very bright, and players will recognize monsters from the popular EQ franchise.


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