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Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck - NDS - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

In Daffy Duck’s first cartoon, as the star, there was an invisible illustrator, represented only by a hand, that was tormenting Daffy by erasing parts of his body and replacing him with alien forms and wacky costumes. It was a delightful cartoon – one that Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment thought would make for a delightful Nintendo DS experience. Judging from what was viewed at Warner’s bungalow in Santa Monica, during the E3 Media & Business Summit, they were right.

The cartoon was released in 1953 and the whole episode seemed to revolve around the illustrator’s torment of Daffy. That is the role the gameplayer will assume. The idea is to torment the loveable duck, though he will forgive you and even ask for your help with certain things. For example, there is an incredible piece of engineer that the devs have worked out with Nintendo. If you close your DS to hibernate it, when you open it back up, Daffy will tell you that while you were away, there were some monsters wandering about – monsters that are not willing to let you see them. Daffy tells you to shut the close the DS back up and listen to his instructions. He will tell you when to push the left and right shoulder buttons to try to beat on the monster. It is a very clever bit of programming.

The game will allow you to use the stylus, microphone and hotkeys to affect Daffy and the environment. There are a variety of minigames (more than 20), unlockables, and even multiplayer wireless game modes. In the latter, two players can gang up on Daffy or go head-to-head.

The voice elements are straight from Looney Tunes and the graphics are excellent. Daffy truly comes alive in a personal manner, relating to the gamer at almost every turn. And graphically this game is terrific. One minigame will allow you to draw an anvil above Daffy’s head, which crashes down with all the entertainment value of a cartoon. Erasing Daffy’s body and then redrawing it in any manner you see fit – and then taking that body with Daffy’s head and feet into a mini-game – can be a hoot as well.

Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck will appeal to gamers young and old. The young ones will get a kick out of tormenting and interacting with Daffy, just as the older gamers – those who grew up with the duck – will. This is a title that takes full advantage of the DS capabilities and is definitely one to watch for when it releases September 18. 


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