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Logitech Driving Force Pro - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Logitech comes through with another Gran Turismo wheel


When Gran Turismo 3 came out, Logitech released a steering wheel that blew away the competition. It had force feedback, pedals, and the most realistic feel and controls. Everyone agreed that it was the best PS2 wheel money could buy. Well, to coincide with the launch of Gran Turismo 4 Logitech is making a new steering wheel dubbed the Driving Force Pro.


The new Driving Force Pro is meant to simulate a true car steering wheel. It sports a full 900-degree rotation, meaning it can be spun two times either way. It will also support force feedback, like the original Driving Force wheel. The Driving Force Pro’s release is expected to be with Gran Turismo 4.


The Driving Force Pro shows Logitech’s dedication to an authentic racing experience. The models on the show floor looked much more realistic than the Driving Force wheels. The whole wheel was black with silver areas, making the wheel look like it’s made out of metal. Plus the two full rotations add to the realistic experience. I’m really looking forward to trying this wheel out, and should hopefully have a review for it this August.  



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