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LocoRoco - PSP - Preview

Pre-E3 2006 Hands On Preview

If you love Katamari, get ready for a new rolling game where the star is a yellow blob (in the version played) with a usually happy face and a large appetite.

The game is LocoRoco and it is the kind of game that you will play, and play, and play and may not have much of an idea what you are really doing, other than working through environments by tilting the landscape, bouncing your LocoRoco off walls and trampoline-type devices, breaking it apart to squeeze through small areas and then reassembling it to get bigger and bigger and …

Well, you get the idea.

The game is very two dimensional and has a very happy feel, from the look to the sound. Ok, the sound can be annoying after several minutes. It would be akin to hearing “It’s a Small World Afterall” looped endlessly.

LocoRoco PSP screenshots

The controls are very simple. Tilt the world with the shoulder buttons. Need to break the yellow smiley face apart? Hit the O button. Want to reform it? Hit the O button and watch it flow together like mercury globules.

Jump, bounce, eat things, avoid monsters that will diminish your size and generally let the game wash over you and place you into a trance-like state. That’s the kind of game this is. You play it, and wonder what the point is and then suddenly it doesn’t seem to matter – there is a new obstacle to negotiate, new ‘secret’ areas to find, more flowers and things to eat. Time flows on.

LocoRoco is likely to be a big seller for the PSP, but don’t expect stunning graphics or sound, or a deep storyline. The game is very much in the free-roaming vein with a large number of different environments. Expect a Katamari-like experience except in the LocoRoco style with points scored as you grow, and the idea to just keep on rolling along.

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