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Lock-Out Trailer Breakdown


There's a new movie coming out that's getting a ton of hype and chatter. That movie is Lock-Out. It stars Guy Pearce rescuing Maggie Grace (the President's daughter) from a prison in space that holds the most dangerous criminals. The plot might be a little thin, but you're not going to see a movie like this for the amazing story. You're going for the little jokes, the awesome action, and the special effects, and Lock-Out looks like it has all of that.

Here's the trailer, and then following the trailer is my breakdown and thoughts about what the trailer is showing. Enjoy.


0:12 First off, if it was the world's most secure prison, then this movie would not have a premise. Secondly, it's in outer space – not on a world.

0:30 “I'm gonna ask you a few questions... do you dream while your under?” No, I have a better question, “What the f**k is wrong with his eye?”

0:33 I can't blame him for only dreaming about her.

0:36 It's insanely easy for this prisoner to get a gun, cause an explosion, and take control of “the most secure prison.”

0:44 I don't know what happened in the future, but the White House doesn't care about landscaping anymore. It's like, okay, we have spaceships and flying cars now; don't need trees or grass anymore.

0:45 Why would you send someone as important as the President's hot daughter to a place where all of the most dangerous criminals are. Goodwill mission? I'm assuming to figure out if the cryo-sleep thingy pods that they're in has them dream. There's no one else that's qualified to go up there besides her?

0:49 Snow is a stupid name. And why is he the only one that can get her out? Is he the only man trained well enough to do this? Of course he's a loose-cannon agent that plays by his own rules – why wouldn't he be?  Also, if he's your best agent, why would you have him locked up for a crime he did not commit?

0:53 I like that one shot on the motorcycle he's riding. It looks like Batman's motorcycle from The Dark Knight.

1:04 He's sarcastic. Loose-cannon and comedian, who woulda thunk it?

1:10 Hey, criminal, stop hitting yourself.

1:19 “God I hate heights.” Here's the thing, once you're in outer space, is there such a thing as height anymore? There's distance, but not height. He can say that he hates distance, because for all he knows, that's above him.

1:40 Criminals always sound better and more authentic with a European accent, especially when it's Irish or Scottish.

1:50 The space prison isn't falling out of the sky; it's falling into the sky. It's in space. Last time I checked, that's not the sky.

1:53 Only thing creepier than a criminal that talks with an accent is one that sings with an accent.

2:17 If I had Maggie Grace's face hovering over my crotch... yea... a simple thank you would not suffice.


So there you have it. While it's fun for me to crack jokes, I think the movie is going to be very entertaining. I'm definitely going to see it, even with the demographic that will probably be there on its release date, April 20, 2011. That's right – 4/20.


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