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Lemmings - PSP - Preview

To be completely honest I have never really heard of the game Lemmings before. When I received the preview disk a friend of mine saw the title of the game and was really excited to see what it looked like on the PlayStation Portable. He recounted tales of playing this game when he was younger on the PC and recited some of the stupid old DOS commands to open up the game. Then we made fun of DOS commands and remarked how much better this game was going to be because you didn’t have to go through all of that hassle to open a game. Read on to find out more about this classic game and how it works on your new PlayStation Portable.

In case you do not know the premise of the game I will inform you of what is going on. You will control the fate of tiny creatures know as Lemmings. You will guide them in each level from the entrance point to the exit. The problem is that Lemmings, while they are cute, are pretty dense and lack common knowledge. You will have to help prevent them from walking off cliffs, into lava beds, and avoid various traps. It is up to you to help these hapless creatures. Are you up to this heavy responsibility?

How do you help these small creatures? Well each Lemming can be assigned one particular skill, which range from blocking, climbing, digging, and various other skills. Each one will have to be used correctly if you want to succeed in any of the missions. For instance the digging people will be able to dig through various spots on the level to get to the exit. On the other hand, the blocker skill prevents fellow Lemmings from going down a path that could spell their doom.

One thing that I really liked about this game is that once you know you have solved a puzzle you can hit the “fast forward” button to make the action go faster. This means that you will not be stuck watching myriads of Lemmings walking to the exit but you can get to the next puzzle faster, which is always a good thing. This keeps the game from getting bogged down with the tediousness of waiting.

The controls for this game are simple enough and people, like myself, who have never played the game in their life will be able to pick up the PSP and know exactly what to do in almost any given situation in a few moments.

In this preview build the graphics are pretty simple but get the job done. What I liked about the graphics is the background because it is pretty detailed and gives a little more depth to each level and makes it seem bigger then it actually is.

Even though this game is really old, it is still a gem to play. Now excuse me as I attempt to save more Lemmings from their death.

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