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E3 2006 First Look Preview

Kirby: Canvas Curse blew me away. It was ingenious in its style, and extremely innovative in its gameplay. I was in awe of the way the developers forced you to draw to make Kirby move. You couldn’t just press the D-pad – you had to draw a path for Kirby to roll across. Fun, challenging, and endlessly addictive, Canvas Curse is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

For Kirby’s next iteration, Nintendo is passing on another Canvas Curse in favor of something more traditional. Simply titled Kirby (no subtitle or other name information given), this new title goes back to the series’ roots of enemy inhalation. The gameplay looks nearly identical to its predecessors, with sword attacks and enemy regurgitation a common theme.

Kirby™ (temporary name) Nintendo DS screenshots

Kirby’s appearance isn’t all that different either. The worlds look bigger and slightly more dynamic than the GBA prequels, but on the whole it has the aesthetics of an SNES game.

What’s new to Kirby (and definitely most appealing) is the features of the bottom screen. On top what you see is what you get. Until you start playing on the bottom. Items appear on the bottom, and if you snatch them, you can use them. The items, which include health power-ups and Kirby body/weapon transformations, are encased in bubbles. Tapping them won’t do it, though that’s probably what you’ll assume will work the first time you play. Nope, it takes a series of circular motions to get these bubbles to pop.

Is there anything else the bottom screen will be used for? Not unlike the twisting and turning plotline on Lost, I searched for answers but had no luck. Given that this game hasn’t received its final title and does not have a release date, it’s likely that it won’t be released for some time – and will be a significantly different game when it finally is. Until then you have a traditional Kirby game to dream of, with one touch screen element thrown in for good measure.

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