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Killzone: Liberation - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Your first clue that you are not welcomed might be the fact that you go in armed to the teeth. The second clue would definitely be the fact that everyone is shooting at you.

It’s Killzone for the PSP, a stylish little shooter game that SCEA will be releasing in October. The publisher showed off the title at a recent pre-E3 event in Los Angeles.

The game takes place two months after the original Killzone timeframe (on the PS2 platform). The battle with Helghast is still taking place and the game will be divided into four chapters with four missions per chapter, and each chapter will contain one environmental theme.

Killzone: Liberation PSP screenshots

Though the sound was a little tinny at this stage of the development (and on the PSP speakers), the game itself had a nice look and feel to it. The view is strictly isometric (three-quarter top view), making it easy to spot nearby enemies and the player’s avatar can use environmental cover to sneak up or to avoid taking damage. The game even allows players to use a cover and pop out to fire a burst at a locked target before diving back behind cover. There are depots on the various levels at which players secure items or health boosts.

Of course, the big drawing point of the title is the multiplayer Ad Hoc modes, which will feature co-op play, deathmatches, and capture the flag scenarios, among other modes.

With three difficulty settings, players should be able to find a challenge level that will allow them to experience the taut combat nature of the game.

The controls were solid on this platform and the game worked well on the smaller screen. 

Killzone: Liberation is looking like a shooter title that is in the vein of the recent Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, but is a little more isometric in design. Still, this is ramping up to be a dandy little title for handheld gaming.


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