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Killzone 2 - PS3 - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Sony hosted a little fete at the sushi bar known as Sushi Roku on Tuesday night, the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Santa Monica. On the surface, it was a nice little restricted invitation affair, with an open bar and open sushi bar. While both were definitely a draw, the star of the evening was Killzone 2, featured in a private screening venue.

Most of the 30-minute segment was consumed by someone playing the game, and showing off the richness of one of the game’s levels. It should be noted that the game, because of the size of the levels, is utilizing the PlayStation 3 gaming console’s Blu-ray technology. Why? The level shown was, size-wise, in excess of two gigabytes.

The game itself promises to be a very intense, visceral experience, replete with destructible environments, excellent rag-doll physics with point of impact dynamics, and an auto save feature. There were some pauses in the action during the demo, but the developer representative – on hand to show off the title – stated that when the game is ready to release, it will stream for no discernible transition from area to area and no game-save pulse.

Killzone has been known for its art style and the second title in the franchise is no different. Smooth character animation will drive the unique art style and benchmark visuals which will feature Hollywood-grade special effects (and full-screen anti-aliasing). Cutting-edge 7.1 audio will help with the immersive nature of the game, which seeks to place players firmly in the chaos and intensity of a theater of war. The enemies promise to be both smarter and scarier. In addition to the single-player elements, the game will also have an extensive multiplayer game – though details were not forthcoming at Tuesday’s event.

Killzone 2, from the brief view delivered Tuesday, looks to be a benchmark first-person shooter title for the PS3. Even thrown onto a huge screen (by gaming standards) the textures were amazing and the game was a tactical challenge and visual treat.

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