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Katamari Forever - PS3 - Preview 2

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Love it or hate it, the Katamari Damacy series has been among the most prolific in gaming, offering quirky gameplay and interesting characters on several different platforms. Now, NAMCO BANDAI is looking to take the series back to its roots with their upcoming PS3 exclusive, Katamari Forever. Essentially a greatest hits collection of stages from previous Katamari games, Katamari Forever will offer native 1080p graphics, multiplayer features and a host of new cousins and presents that fans of the franchise will undoubtedly love.

The gameplay feels like other Katamari titles. You’ll use the two analog sticks on your controller to navigate a giant sticky ball, collecting garbage and turning into an even bigger ball; hopefully getting big enough before time runs out. You’ll be rated on how quickly you can get to the required size, and anything else you do in the timeframe afterwards counts to your score.

Another mode shown in the gameplay demo was a mode where you had to fill up a ball with water and wash dirt off of the world, turning it from a brown dirt pile into a flourishing and colorful garden.

The game will offer split screen multiplayer and co-op modes. The co-op features allow two different players to each use a different analog stick to control your giant ball, which is a great way to get players to work together (although it could lead to some fistfights if one player isn’t quite up to snuff).

Katamari Forever is shaping up to be the kind of title that fans of the series will want to try out, bringing them back to classic moments of its past games.


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